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Mr. D has been recalled back to Olympus and Chiron has been having hard time controlling new campers. When he decides to find a new activities director, a young man named Eric Hoffman. Son of Zeus. In the past 100 years, the big three agreed that they would continue to have children. Eric was the perfect candidate. When he came, things got back to normal. Campers trained and lived their lives in camp. Until one day. The news had live recording of a giant in Alaska. A Satyr in Africa. And a demigod using his powers in the open. The mist had been thinning. Now that the mortals are targeted by monsters, Demigods need to protect the mortals and find out what is causing the mist to thin. Meanwhile Camp Jupiter has been aware of the thinning of the mist. The camp has then been closed for the past 100 years. The current praetor will open the gates when the mist thickens once again.

Greek Character Application Example

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Greek Character Application Example

Post by Eric Hoffman on Sat Jun 01, 2013 6:40 pm

"Eric Tobias Hoffman"

|Age • 26| |Years at CHB • 8|

___Full Biography___
Name:Eric Hoffman
Godly Parent:Zeus
Mortal Parent:Cassandra Hoffman

Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Hazel
Skin Tone:Light
Hair Style:Straight

Likes:Rainy Days, Wind
Dislikes:Insults, Smart Mouths

Powers:Aerokinesis,Flying,Lightning Control, Weather control
Weapon:Celestial Bronze Daggers that reappear in the waist
Items:The Minor Bolt, a lightning rod that causes minor storms.

History:Eric was just 10 when he was claimed. Zeus knew he would be powerful. Eric was the first Zeus kid since the agreement to create more big three children. He was targeted immediately. Eric was homeschooled so he had no satyr friends to take him to camp. He learned on his own and became strong. He defended himself. When he was 18, Zeus directed him to camp. He was angry he didn't know that he could go to camp as a kid. To please him, Zeus granted him a replica of the master bolt with less power. He offered him immortality but he declined. He was told that the offer would stay up. When he got to camp, the place was in shambles and Chiron needed help, so he was hired as camp director. He was given a office in the big house and a seat in the camp council.
Rp Example:I blew the horn and off the campers scurried to the mess hall. What a site. As I walked over, the smell of fresh pizza and chicken amused his nose. He sat at the Zeus table and picked up his goblet full of Mountain Dew and gulpt.
Eric Hoffman
Eric Hoffman

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