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Welcome to Demigod Days a Percy Jackson themed roleplay. Please, before registering, read the rules. We know if you don't read it.

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Mr. D has been recalled back to Olympus and Chiron has been having hard time controlling new campers. When he decides to find a new activities director, a young man named Eric Hoffman. Son of Zeus. In the past 100 years, the big three agreed that they would continue to have children. Eric was the perfect candidate. When he came, things got back to normal. Campers trained and lived their lives in camp. Until one day. The news had live recording of a giant in Alaska. A Satyr in Africa. And a demigod using his powers in the open. The mist had been thinning. Now that the mortals are targeted by monsters, Demigods need to protect the mortals and find out what is causing the mist to thin. Meanwhile Camp Jupiter has been aware of the thinning of the mist. The camp has then been closed for the past 100 years. The current praetor will open the gates when the mist thickens once again.

Rules of the Forum

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Rules of the Forum

Post by Eric Hoffman on Tue May 21, 2013 6:40 pm

Rules of the Forum
V.1 by Eric Hoffman (Admin)
____S.1 Account____
Username is Character Name. This is to reckoning each other in roleplay. Example, If your name was "Percy Jackson". Your username would be "Percy Jackson" (Without the ""'s.)
Character Picture is a REAL person. NO DRAWINGS, NO FANART, etc. I your character is canon, use the movies actor or your own actor. It must meet requirements.
No Double Accountings. Unless you purchase a extra account for 100 Drachmas, you may not create a second character
____S.2 Roleplaying_____
No double posting. It's annoying to try to reply to your post when you re answer it by yourself. Don't you think?
No leetspeak/textspeak. Also please have all posts proofread if you can.
No Mary Sues/Gary Stus. That means no perfect characters
No Anti Mary Sues/Gary Stus. That means no person who has a sad and horrible past that makes everyone feel sorry for.
No John Does/Mary Does. That means no character with no past or no memories
No short sentences. The lowest amount of sentences is 5.
No Godmodding. Essentially, no playing the most super awesome major crazy demigod who can deflect bullets with their thoughts. Your demigod powers wear you out.
Please use our Roleplaying type.. Our Roleplaying type is similar to the way Rick riordan wrote Percy jackson. It like contains descriptions and such. I have a example in this forum.
No Titan, Artemis or Hera children.. The titans are too powerful and Artemis and Hera don't have children.
If you read this, PM me "Seaweed Brain"
Eric Hoffman
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